In the world of pitches and presentations, I’ve always thought pictures can tell a story better than words. Since I often need to create monthly marketing reports, Google Slides has been my go-to tool. Little did I know, the latest updates didn’t just make things better—they totally changed how I share my ideas.

In this blog, I’ll show you how these new updates easily fit into your everyday tasks, adding a touch of creativity to your presentations and making them both informative and fun. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just looking to enhance your presentation skills, join me on a journey to explore the latest in Google Slides!

1. GIFs and Stickers: Transforming Data into Stories

Think about that pitch where you need to turn complex data into a compelling narrative. Now, with the new GIFs and stickers feature, Google Slides lets you bring your statistics to life. It’s like turning your presentation from a plain data presentation into an engaging visual story. Picture this: a strategically placed GIF adding humor to a sales trend or a sticker highlighting a key point. Your audience won’t just see numbers; they’ll experience your data in a way that sticks.

Insert GIF and stickers

2. Emoji Reactions: Real-time Feedback, Real-time Connection

Imagine a scenario where your team is reviewing the latest project proposal on Google Slides. Instead of the usual text-based comments, now you can add emoji reactions. Giving a thumbs up for a great idea, or using a clapping emoji for an impressive slide transition – it’s more than just feedback; it’s like a virtual round of applause that creates a feeling of teamwork.

3. Live Pointers: Guiding Through the Narrative in Real-time

Consider a scenario where your team is collectively fine-tuning the final touches of a crucial presentation during a virtual meeting. The new live pointers feature in Google Slides lets each team member see where others are pointing on the slide in real-time. No more confusing explanations or missed details. It’s like having everyone in the same room, pointing at the exact element that needs attention. This real-time collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page, quite literally.


This feature is OFF by default. To make your pointer visible to collaborators, go to View > Live pointers > Show my pointer.

4. Duet AI: Bridging the Creativity Gap

Imagine you have a great idea but lack fancy design skills. Instead of struggling with complicated design tools, just type your thoughts into Google Slides. The result? AI-generated visuals that bring your ideas to life without the design hassle. It’s like having a virtual design assistant right there for you.

Google Slides’ new features aren’t just about updates; they are solutions to real-world problems you face every day. Whether you’re a sales executive, a project manager, or a creative professional, these features are designed to enhance your workflow, making your presentations more engaging and collaborative. Embrace the future of workplace presentations with Google Slides – where innovation meets everyday productivity.

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